Cancer Care in Karbi Anglong

Making treatment accessible in the hinterlands

Taking off gloves, Dr Kailash Mishra consoled the patient. "We have arrived at proper diagnosis. Your reports have come from Mumbai lab. You are having early stage cancer and treatment will give you prolonged survival." The patient and relative was facing the doctor with humility and respect. Doctor said again, "we are with you and we will fight this together. Do not worry."

This is a usual scene at the day care cancer centre set up by Assam Cancer Care Foundation at the space provided by Diphu Medical College and Hospital (DMCH). The hill district of Karbi Anglong was declared as one of the country's most backward districts by the Indian Government in 2006. Development is going on with a medical college and a comprehensive cancer centre being established in the district headquarters.

The Day Care Centre is headed by Dr Kailash Chandra Mishra – Clinical & Radiation Oncologist, with an experience of twenty-five years in renowned cancer institutes of India. Dr Mishra was keen to work in remote areas where healthcare is mostly not available or if available, is still in primitive form. Motivated by his family, especially his wife – he is doing a yeomen's job in his service to the people in Karbi Anglong. To quote Dr Mishra "it is a lifetime dream fulfilled by caring for the most who need it. I believe, one life is enough to serve humanity and get their blessings." Dr Mishra is supported by a team of oncology trained nurses who are wholeheartedly committed to deliver accessible and affordable cancer care to the people in the region.

Majority of the population in Karbi Anglong live in the hinterlands, where people do not have access to quality healthcare and suffers lack of health awareness. The socio-economic condition adds to the woes of the people who are unable to visit nearby places for treatment. The health workers often travel through difficult terrains to reach out to the people in the remote locations. The idea of developing a cancer hospital in the district has enhanced the health sector scenario.

While the hospital construction is progressing, ACCF has initiated to reach out to the people in the hinterland for creating cancer awareness through its community outreach team along with the initiatives of National Health Mission and National Programme for Control of Cancer, Cardiovascular Diseases and Stroke who are doing a phenomenal job in hinterland.

Cancer treatment at the centre is available free of cost under the Government scheme PMJAY and State Government scheme Atal Amrit Abhiyan. With dedicated doctors like Dr Kailash Mishra and his team, already more than a thousand cancer patients have got best of treatment.

"No patient should be denied treatment due to resource crunch and terminally ill patients should receive the palliative treatment in a dignified way. Quality of life matters the most than the quantity", says Dr Mishra who is also a strong proponent of palliative care and is eagerly looking forward to completion of facility where he could do more for the people who deserve services. This resonates with the motto of Assam Cancer Care Foundation. And to top it all, Diphu cancer care initiative proves that it is possible to reach out to cancer patients and cure is not costly. We can do it!

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