Comprehensive Cancer Treatment – delivering commitment

"I lost all hope for getting any treatment for my cancer until I learnt about the newly started ACCF Barpeta Cancer Centre where I was evaluated, and my treatment was restarted. I have undergone surgery and the ACCF staff got my tumour checked by doctors at Tata Medical Centre - Kolkata free of cost. Doctors said - now I am safe and will be observed for one year. Thanks to ACCF team for giving me hope along with treatment and support even from Kolkata without having to travel." ~Samiran Nessa, 40 years, Dhanbandha, Sonkuchi, Barpeta

Samiran Nessa was detected with a lump in the breast in early 2020 and had to travel three hours to Guwahati from Barpeta for her treatment. During one of the chemotherapy sessions, her blood pressure had dropped, and treatment had to be stopped immediately. Samiran lost all hopes for getting treatment and that if she can ever recover was worrying her entire family. When she was informed about the newly started ACCF Barpeta Cancer Centre, she along with her relative visited the facility immediately. Samiran's treatment was restarted after evaluation and in consultation with senior experts at Tata Memorial Hospital. She received complete course of chemotherapy after accurate staging by investigations. Samiran was given the full course of treatment and now she is safe and under observation. During her chemotherapy she was supported with counselling, blood transfusion and additional medication to prevent fall in blood count under the expert guidance of team of doctors.

The complete range of treatment was rendered free of cost under the government health schemes.

Local availability of a cancer care centre with reasonable skill set, equipment, and collaboration with higher centre, now makes is possible for common people to access cancer care closer to their homes and get a new ray of hope.

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