Treading through an ordeal with ease and comfort

"I am glad that I visited the Dibrugarh Onco Care Centre. My family is very happy with the treatment and today I am feeling much better."

Meena undergoing treatment in Onco Care, Dibrugarh

Meena Dey, a 50-year-old female hailing from Tinsukia district of Assam was diagnosed with lung cancer at a Guwahati hospital. Meena's family exhausted their finances in the initial process of evaluation and had to return to their hometown after spending about a month in Guwahati. Her health began to deteriorate for lack of treatment. During this period, her family learnt about Onco Care Dibrugarh, which was also near to her home – about 50 kilometres with a travel time of approximately an hour. When she visited the centre she had persistent cough, sleepless nights, neither able to walk without support nor able to sit for prolonged period. Upon examination, she was detected with pleural effusion or excessive buildup of fluid in the space between lungs and chest cavity. In three sittings the fluid was removed while her tissue block was collected from a private lab in Guwahati and sent to Oncopath lab, Mumbai for high-end investigations facilitated by ACCF. Her chemotherapy cycles had begun, which was free of cost through Atal Amrit Abhiyan Scheme facilitated by the State Government. Since Meena was very weak to travel back home after administering chemo, she was provided with free stay in ACCF-managed guest house for a few days after each chemo cycle.

Soon Meena's cough had improved, has sound sleep and able to discharge her daily chores with ease. Both Meena and her husband are happy with the services of ACCF. Moreover, since the centre is near to their home – it has reduced the out of pocket expenses and travel time to Guwahati. Meena is glad that she can now take care of her children, home, and herself without much difficulty.

ACCF's Medical team at Dibrugarh has ensured to deliver at its best and patients' satisfaction is a motivation for continuing the good works and contributing towards the noble cause of boosting cancer care in the region.

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